open bible


The churches of this association heartily subscribe to and agree to defend and promulgate the historic Missionary Baptist faith and practices, the interpretation of which is tersely stated as follows:

  1. The Trinity of God.
  2. The infallible and plenary verbal inspiration of the Scriptures.
  3. The Biblical account of creation.
  4. The personality of Satan.
  5. Hereditary and total depravity of man in his natural state involving his fall in Adam.
  6. The virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ.
  7. Christ’s blood atonement for fallen man.
  8. His bodily resurrection and ascension back to His Father.
  9. The person and work of the Holy Spirit.
  10. Justification before God by faith without any admixture of works.
  11. Separation of God’s children from the world.
  12. Water Baptism (immersion) to be administered to believers only.
  13. The Lord’s Supper as a church ordinance is to be administered to baptized believers only and in Scriptural church capacity.
  14. Eternal security of believers.
  15. Establishment of a visible church by Christ Himself during His personal ministry on earth.
  16. Worldwide missions according to the Great Commission, which Christ gave His Church (Matthew 28:19-20).
  17. Perpetuity of His churches from Christ’s day on earth until His second coming.
  18. That all Scriptural churches should ever be held as equal units as to their rights and privileges in their associated capacity.
  19. That all Scriptural association assemblies and their committees are servants of the churches.
  20. That we brand as unscriptural “open communion” (communion with any besides regular members of Scriptural churches), “alien baptism,” “pulpit affiliation,” “unionism,” “modernism,” “one church dictatorship,” and all kindred evils arising from these practices.
  21. We believe that for baptism to be valid it must be administered with the authority of a true Scriptural Baptist Church and we believe that a so-called Baptist church, which knowingly receives alien immersion, is not a Scriptural church, and its ordinances are not valid.
  22. The personal, bodily and imminent return of Christ to earth.
  23. The bodily resurrection of the dead.
  24. The reality of heaven, involving Divine assurance of eternal happiness for the redeemed of God.
  25. The reality of hell, involving everlasting punishment of the incorrigible wicked.